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Schlagwort: Jugend

The Child – Das Kind (André Simon, übersetzt von Dietrich Weller)

 The Child The man is the most powerful, the smartest and the best! – in the childhood.  In the shortest time, through the period of childhood, the child steps the path, that entirely humankind, before him, required the millennia. Childhood is a shortcut through the Time. Therefore, the child walks through the infinity of the past Time. We do not know what happens to the fruit in the sweet and nutritious womb, where Time is gathered into one focus; but…

The Seastars – Die Seesterne (André Simon, übersetzt von Dietrich Weller)

                                              The Seastars                                                 A terrible storm burst over a distant sea. Giant waves broke onto the beach and ran back to the sea floor, throwing small sea creatures, onto the shore tens of meters from the sea`s edge. The storm passed, as fast as it had come, the tide retreated. Now the beach was an expanse of sand in which thousands of sea-stars fluttered in agony, almost dying. The phenomenon attracted many people. Held by his father’s hand, there was a boy…

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