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Schlagwort: Legende

Initiation – Einführung (André Simon, übersetzt von Dietrich Weller)

It is an Apache tribe legend about the rite by which a boy is initiated into the world of adult men. In the evening, the father would take his son deep into the woods, put a blindfold over his eyes, and sit him on a stump. The boy would be instructed to remain seated on that stump without removing his blindfold until sunrise the next day. The father would say goodbye to the boy saying he would see him tomorrow,…

Judgement – Beurteilung (André Simon, übersetzt von Dietrich Weller)

Perhaps, after reading the following story, some of your fears will disappear. Our story narrates of one calm, smiling teacher with unassuming behavior, in his fifties. The curious disciples asked him in what manner he had reached that level of inner peace. The teacher smiled and explained: “By my twenties I wasn’t concerned at all, and completely unaware what others think about me or the way they judge me.            After my twenties, I started to worry constantly about the way…

The Rainbow – Der Regenbogen (André Simon, übersetzt von Dietrich Weller)

The colors are related with associations. Light blue known as sky-blue is pleasant as a color of bright skies, red as a color of ripe fruits and gray-browns are unpleasant as mud (the exception is brown of the chocolate). The universal meaning of the colors are their effects: red and orange are warm and blue or green are cold. Our preference is for bright warm colors which represent life (color of blood). In the Chinese culture is red a color…

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