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Schlagwort: Nikola Tesla

Invention – Erfindung (André Simon, übersetzt von Dietrich Weller

                                                                                                                 Legends According to a Greek legend, between 624 B.C. and 547 B.C. lived a philosopher Thales /Θαλῆς/, who granted us with an aphorism “Know thyself “. The most difficult thing in life is to know the dark side of oneself, and one’s life is a journey towards self-discovery. Thales was the first to define the general principles in the sciences and also the first person to study electricity.  His contemporary   a Chinese sage Lao Tzu 老子 (600…

The Trail of the Story „Invention“ – Der Weg zu der Geschichte „Erfindung“ (André Simon, übersetzt von Dietrich Weller

                                        This text follows the previous text “Invention” is partially based on the book “Prodigal Genius -The life of Nikola Tesla “. This exemplar is dedicated to Lili Foldes by author John J. O’Neill. Who was Lili Foldes?She was the widow of Andor.Andor Foldes (1913-1992) was a prodigious child. He made his public debut performing a Mozart concerto with the Budapest Philharmonic when he was 8 years old (1921). In thirties and forties, he was best known pianist in USA.…

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