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Schlagwort: Schriftsteller

The Physician-Poet – Der Schriftstellerarzt (André Simon, übersetzt von Dietrich Weller)

   From my experience as a physician, after half a century of practicing, I could confirm that the whole world is one big workplace. Everyone suffers from something, and few of them visit the doctor, and if they already do, they don’t like it.  As a doctor, I have treated the patients not only with pills, but with beautiful words, sweet healing fairy tales, nice stories or poems. I wanted to be a doctor -poet.  I don’t have a degree in…

The Art of Writing – Die Kunst des Schreibens (André Simon, übersetzt von Dietrich Weller)

                                                 The ART of WRITING What is the writer’s secret in creating a story? The writers possess an irresistible and insatiable aspiration to tear piece by piece the life events and the dreams from the darkness of non-existence. Finally, those pieces, like the “mosaic tiles”, are shaped and embedded in their texts, forever. This tenacity of the writers reminds of the way of the ants and their construction of an anthill in a busy place, where this structure is…

✎ 2021 Bundesverband Deutscher Schriftstellerärzte (BDSÄ)
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